sábado, 14 de julho de 2018


Hi guys!
I know that many of you accompany me for the tips I share here. And today I came to talk about a super special store for me, that surely won my heart! 😍
I'm talking about the NOVASHE store.
In the NOVASHE shop you will find beautiful clothes for all styles.
And of course, I got some clothes and I came to show everything to you. 💓

Another thing that is super cool in the NOVASHE store and that always has super special discounts. Look below:

So, let's see all the clothes I got.

The first dress I chose was this beautiful, long, floral dress. Simply perfect! I loved the fabric, the print, the length, anyway, it's wonderful!

💓 You can find it HERE

I chose this dress because it was beautiful. His details enchanted me. Besides, the fabric is wonderful, the dress is well structured. Well done. Loved it!

💓 You can find it HERE

I chose this jacket bomber, super beautiful and comfortable! It has a thinner fabric, but is very well made. Besides the picture that is perfect!

💓 You can find it HERE

And finally, I chose that red dress that is also very beautiful.
I was in love with those details up my sleeve. Simply perfect!
💓 You can find it HERE

So this is my love I hope you have enjoyed it, and do not forget that in the NOVASHE store you will find hundreds of other models and styles of clothing. I'm sure you'll love it !!!

Xo, Karol 💋

sexta-feira, 15 de junho de 2018

New looks Shein shop

Hi my loves! Today I came to show you two pieces of beautiful clothes from the SHEIN store.
I photographed the looks and the photos are just below!

Remember that in the SHEIN shop you will find clothes of all styles and for all kinds of occasions. Many of them have special discounts. Do not lose and enjoy!

The first outfit I chose was this beautiful blazer in this light pink tone. A love!
🌸 You can find it HERE

The second clothes I chose, was a super gorgeous jumpsuit that wears very well and has a wonderful print! I loved it so much!
🌸You can find it HERE

Xo, Karol 💋

Makeup with Sigma Beauty products

Hi guys! I came to show you a very beautiful makeup and to make it I used some Sigma Beauty products.
I am very impressed with the quality of the products. In love with the brushes that are super soft and that helped me a lot in the makeup. Loved it!

Oi pessoal! Vim mostrar pra vocês uma maquiagem muito linda e para faze-la usei alguns produtos da Sigma Beauty.
Estou muito impressionada com a qualidade dos produtos. Apaixonada pelos pinceis que são super macios e que me ajudaram muito na maquiagem. Amei!

Below are some pictures of the products and my makeup.
If you want to see better and just watch the video at the end of the post.
Remember that using the KAROLSULLIVAN code on your purchases at the Sigma Beauty website, you will get a 10% discount. Enjoy!

Abaixo estão algumas fotos dos produtos e da minha maquiagem.
Se você quiser ver melhor e só assistir o vídeo no final do post. 
Lembrando que utilizando o código KAROLSULLIVAN nas suas compras no site da Sigma Beauty, vocês vão obter 10% de desconto. Aproveitem!

 Xo, Karol 💋

domingo, 27 de maio de 2018

My favorite clothes from Zaful

Hi guys! Today I came to show you some clothes from the store Zaful!
At Zaful you will find a wide variety of styles of clothing and beautiful accessories!
And also the Zaful store offers discounts and also special promotions. I'm sure you will love it!

Below are the beautiful clothes I chose on Zaful.

🌻 Laser Cut Midi Off The Shoulder Dress - Ginger - HERE

🌻 Sleeveless Floral Printed Midi Dress - Pink - HERE

🌻 Tiered Flare Sleeve Blouse - White - HERE

🌻 Tie Strap Romper - Army Green - HERE

🌻 Gauze Embroidered Long Sleeve Dress - Purplish Blue - HERE

🌻 Faux Gem Flower Necklace - Golden - HERE

This is the video where I show everything!

XoXo, Karol 💋

terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2018

Beautiful looks SHEIN

Hi guys! Today I came to show two beautiful clothes from SHEIN store.

The SHEIN Store has an incredible variety of wonderful and very stylish clothes. It sure is one of my favorite stores.
Below I show the jacket and the short jeans. Two gorgeous looks that combine with various styles. Impossible not to love! 💓

To see these looks in stores, just access the links below:

💥 Ripped Denim Jacket - HERE 

💥 Shirred Frill Trim Ripped Rolled Hem Denim Shorts - HERE

 Take advantage of the incredible discounts that SHEIN offers. And do not forget that at SHEIN you will find many styles of clothes for all occasions. Enjoy and good shopping.

XoXo, Karol. 💋

segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2018


Hi guys! Today I came to tell a super novelty for you. The Dresslily store is with super discounts!😍

In Dresslily you will find beautiful clothes and various styles with a great cost benefit. And also the delivery of the Dresslily and Free store to worldwide! Too much!

Below are the discounts that the Dresslily store offers for you:

I made a point of selecting some beautiful dresses that you find in the Dresslily store.
Also in Dresslily store, besides the beautiful dresses, you will find clothes for spring and summer, clothes for the other stations of the year, sweaters, shorts, skirts and much more!

So, when looking at Dresslily store, do not forget to see the other sectors that are also with incredible discounts.

The first model of dress that I selected for you, and a very elegant and beautiful dress! Perfect for many occasions. It sure is one of my favorite models.
🎀 You can find it HERE

This dress is perfect for many occasions and for the current season and also is super elegant and beautiful! My favorite dress and my favorite color. Loved it!
🎀 You can find it HERE

This next dress is a white dress with some floral details that makes it more beautiful and delicate. A love.
🎀 You can find it HERE

And finally, I selected this dress that is a luxury! With details that make it more elegant and beautiful. The floral print is wonderful. I love!
🎀 You can find it HERE

So my love, what did you think of the dresses I selected? Remembering that in Dresslily you will find many other dresses, of many models and styles that I am sure you will love!
Do not forget to see the other clothes and products that Dresslily offers. Enjoy the discounts and good shopping.

XoXo, Karol 💋