domingo, 15 de abril de 2018

ZAFUL Perfect Dresses

We are in the most beautiful and flowery season of the year! With this season also comes the warmth and the desire to use something more comfortable. Thinking about it, I came to talk about Zaful's dresses!

The zaful store has beautiful dress models and for all occasions.
Remember that the ZAFUL store is with great promotions that you can not miss. See below:

Now let's go to the beautiful models I've selected for you. Remember that in ZAFUL you find many more models and styles of clothing.😍

Here I selected three models of white dresses that are wonderful!

❤ The first dress, and a dress with long sleeves and a super cute neckline. Wonderful! You can find it HERE.
❤ The second dress I chose, and a dress with shorter sleeves, but also is bold and has a transparency that makes the dress much more beautiful. You can find it HERE.
❤ The third dress is very beautiful! Super delicate, sleeveless and with details in lace. Perfect for hot days. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Of course, I could not help showing you the Striped Bodycon Dress.
These models are one of my favorites. And at ZAFUL you will find many models for all occasions. And that besides beautiful, dress super good and has a great cost benefit. Love. 
Below I show some of the many striped bodycon dress models that you can find on ZAFUL.

❤ The first model I chose, and a white model with blue that is perfect. The neckline is beautiful and ideal for hot days. Loved it. You can find it HERE.
❤ The second model, and a dress model in pastel tones. And one of my favorites. The model is beautiful, the colors of the dress are beautiful. Perfect. You can find it HERE.
❤ The third model of dress, and a more elegant model. I love stripes and found this model super chic. You can find it by clicking HERE.

And to top it off, I chose some Criss Cross Dress.
The models I found in the ZAFUL store are perfect. Beautiful for many occasions.
With so many wonderful options, it is difficult to choose my favorite.
But below I selected some models that I know you will love.

❤ The first model I chose is a short model, with floral skirt and full of beautiful details. You can find it HERE.
❤ The second model I selected is a long model, all floral, super delicate and elegant. My favorite!
You can find it HERE.

So my love, what did you think of the dresses? I am completely in love with ZAFUL looks. Enjoy the promotions and make good purchases.
XoXo, Karol. ❤💋

Skirts Trends ZAFUL

When you think of clothes that are trends, beautiful and paying an affordable value, in which store do you think? I soon remember ZAFUL! That has a very beautiful concept of super stylish clothes and that meet many tastes and styles. That I really love! 😍

At ZAFUL you will get great discounts on your purchase. I show everything below:

A great trend of the moment is the Plaid Skirt. At zaful we can find several models, for all styles.
Some models are shorter skirts, others have longer skirts, but all models are very beautiful and super current. It gets difficult to choose with so much wonderful choice.
Below I selected some models that you can find available on Zaful.

❤ The first skirt I selected and a short skirt model with some details that make it much more beautiful and elegant. A love. You can find it HERE.
❤ The second model is a short black and white skirt. Super beautiful and modern. A luxury! Perfect for many occasions. You can find it HERE.
❤ This third skirt and one of my favorites. It has a super beautiful tie that leaves the look much more attractive and delicate. Perfect! You can find this skirt HERE.

Still showing the looks of skirts, we can not leave out the Pleated Skirts. The pleated skirts are models of skirts that never go out of style and is perfect in many looks and occasions. And of course, ZAFUL has separated the best and current models that are trend.
Below I have selected some that you can find available at ZAFUL. I'm sure you'll love it.

❤ This first model of pleated skirts and a classic short skirt model is perfect! And one of my favorites. You can find it by clicking HERE.
The second model of pleated skirts, and a perfect model for spring and summer. Super beautiful, delicate and current. I Love! You can find it HERE.
The third model is a plus size model. Simply beautiful, bold and at the same time delicate. One of my favorites. You can find it HERE.

And surely one of the models of skirts that dresses super well, and current, elegant and beautiful are the Maxi Skirts.
I am in love with maxi skirts, the maxi skirts leaves any look beautiful and powerful. Of course at ZAFUL we find inresistible models. You will love the models that I have separated for you.
Remember that by accessing the store ZAFUL you will find many more amazing models.

The first model is a model of maxi skirts wonderful! Super comfortable and beautiful. And it even comes with a cute top. Unmissable! You can find it HERE.
The second model is a model that never goes out of style. One of the looks I love the most. Super current, beautiful and comfortable. Wonderful! You can find it HERE.
So many beautiful looks that gets difficult to choose the preferred. I love everyone! And you, which one did you like the most?
Remember that you find much more accessing the store ZAFUL.
XoXo, Karol.❤💋


Hi everyone, how are you?
Today I came to show you beautiful clothes from the ZAFUL
If you still do not know the ZAFUL store, I'll introduce you first. 😍
The ZAFUL store is one of the most complete online stores I know. In the ZAFUL shop you will find many styles of clothing and much fashion trend.
What is cooler and that the store ZAFUL this with great discounts, see below:

You can not miss it! I'm already going to do my shopping because I know that in the store Zaful I find the most beautiful looks of the season.

One of the great trends of fashion of the moment are the clothes of satin.
And at Zaful you will find many styles of Satin Tops and Clothes that are wonderful!
Besides beautiful and super stylish, they dress very well and certainly combine perfectly for several occasions.
Below I separate three models of Satin Tops that are beautiful and you will also fall in love.

❤The first is a satin top in green color, super beautiful and with details that make it more attractive. You can find it HERE.
❤The second is one of my favorites. And a white top but also available in black. This top has a perfect neckline. You can find it HERE.
❤The third top and super stylish! It has a detail in lace that makes it wonderful! Certainly a luxury. You can find it HERE.

This second style of clothes that I chose to show you, for sure and one of the most beautiful styles of the season! Gingham Top!
In the store ZAFUL, you will find beautiful tops and with a great value. Unmissable! 
I love these models and I selected three of the ones I like the most to show you. Remember that by accessing the link ZAFUL you can see many other models that are available in the store.

❤The first and a top with a shorts that are super beautiful and perfect for spring and summer! You can find them HERE.
❤The second is a short-sleeved top that is also beautiful for spring and summer. This yellow tone is perfect! You can find it HERE.
❤This third top is my favorite. This model is beautiful and looks super beautiful on the body. I Love! You can also find it HERE.

And to finish, I selected two more models of Satin Clothes to Sleep, which are super beautiful and comfortable!

The first model is a super gorgeous dress in blue color. You can find it HERE.
The second model is a beautiful blouse and shorts available in some other colors. You can find it HERE.

So my love, what do you think? Remember that at ZAFUL you will find many other looks and incredible models. Do not miss promotions and good shopping!😘

XoXo, Karol.💋

terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2018


Hi my loves!
Today I came to show you some perfect models of spring and summer clothes.
All these clothes are from the ROSEGAL store. Besides these models, you will find many other models of dresses, blouses, maios, bikinis and much more!
The links of all the photos are just below.

Oi meus amores!  
Hoje vim mostrar pra vocês alguns modelos perfeitos de roupas primavera e verão. 
Todas essas roupas são da loja ROSEGAL. Além desses modelos, você vai encontrar muitos outros modelos de vestidos, blusas, maiôs, biquínis e muito mais!

Também gravei um vídeo onde mostro todas as roupas detalhadamente. O Vídeo e as fotos com os links, estão logo abaixo:  

🌞Colar / Necklace - Here/Aqui
🌞Anel / Ring - Here/Aqui
🌞Vestido Vermelho / Red Dress - Here/Aqui
🌞Vestido de Capuz / Hooded Dress - Here/Aqui
🌞Vestido Vintage / Vintage Dress - Here/Aqui
🌞Blusa com proteção UV / UV Protection Blouse - Here/Aqui
🌞Vestido com Decote / Neckline Dress - Here/Aqui
🌞Kit de Pincéis / Set of brushes - Here/Aqui

XoXo, Karol 💋

sexta-feira, 6 de abril de 2018

Beautiful looks SHEIN

Hello people! Today I came to show some beautiful looks that are from SHEIN store.
The SHEIN Store has an incredible variety of wonderful and very stylish clothes. It sure is one of my favorite stores.
Below I show the jacket and the short jeans. Two gorgeous looks that combine with various styles. Impossible not to love! Love!

Oi pessoal! Hoje vim mostrar algumas looks lindos que são da loja SHEIN
A Loja SHEIN possui uma variedade incrível de roupas maravilhosas e muito estilosas. Com certeza e uma das minhas lojas favoritas. 
Abaixo mostro a jaqueta e o short jeans. Dois looks lindos que combinam com vários estilosos. Impossível não amar! Adoro!

To see these looks in stores, just access the links below:
Para ver esses looks nas lojas, basta acessar os links abaixo:

💥 Ripped Denim Jacket - HERE / AQUI

💥 Shirred Frill Trim Ripped Rolled Hem Denim Shorts - HERE / AQUI

XoXo, Karol. 💋

sexta-feira, 30 de março de 2018


I get lots of emails from girls asking for branding and modeling dresses for countless occasions. Occasions such as spring and summer, casual events, night events and many others. 
Today I want to show you a super incredible brand of beautiful dresses (TALEVER ONLINE STORE) that has already conquered my heart. Do you know why? The dresses are wonderful, excellent quality and affordable. I chose some models of dresses, each with a different proposal. A more romantic, another more powerful, another very modern, and some more. I chose dresses that can please every taste.
The cool thing about TALEVER ONLINE SHOP is that besides the beautiful dresses, you will also find a huge variety of clothes in general. TALEVER is a super complete shop with beautiful clothes that caters to many tastes.

In addition, you can get exclusive discounts at the time of purchase.

Here are some discounts that TALEVER offers:
$ 5 OFF OVER $ 59 - CODE: HNY5
$ 10 OFF OVER $ 89 - CODE: HNY10
$ 30 OFF OVER $ 169 - CODE: HNY30

Below are all the models I have selected to show for you. But besides these, you can find several others by accessing TALEVER ONLINE STORE

This is the first model of dress I have chosen. I chose this one because it is super sexy and beautiful! Ideal for a romantic event. Surely you will call attention positively with this dress.😍

Sexy dresses:
With this versatile sexy dress. This sexy dress for party features deep v-neck and maxi length give you a elegant style! They’re perfect for casual looks,for evenings and for parties.

I love how they look with heels.

Bodycon Dresses:
This second model of bodycon dresses definitely won my heart. This mermaid theme is super high, and really this super trendy. This model of dress is beautiful, dresses super well and is ideal for spring and summer. Besides the value that is unbelievable. I want to. 😍

Casual Dresses:
Do you want to see all the details of this casual dresses for women?
This is the third model I selected, and what most caught my attention in this dress and how beautiful it is. This is a model that never goes out of style and is ideal for many occasions. Surely this is the kind of dress that is a key piece in your wardrobe. Beautiful! ❤

Mini Dresses:
The one version of the mini dress plus size that will never be out of fashion cause we all love showing a bit of hotness every now and then. Besides, today they come in so many toned-down-sexy-styles that rocking a mini dress can be quite a girly outfit. It’s all about the shoes and the attitude. They remain still the perfect go-to piece for a night out dancing.
What a beautiful dress! I do not know which one is my favorite, I thought it was the first one, but this dress I loved too! Guys, look at how romantic this dress is. This dress is sure and ideal for several occasions. Any woman looks beautiful in such a dress. There is no way to draw attention positively. Really wonderful!💫

My loves, for today and that! Do not forget that TALAVER is with special discounts and promotional codes especially for you.
I'm sure that besides the dresses you will be enchanted by all the clothes that are available. Enjoy and good shopping! 😘

XoXo, Karol.

quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2018

SHEIN Bomber Jacket

Hi guys! Today I came to show you this super beautiful jacket from the Shein shop!
She has details that make all the difference and leaves the look very stylish.
I chose this jacket because I love bomber jackets. But the Shein store is super complete and has incredible clothes and super current. Certainly my favorite store.
I will leave the link HERE so that you can visit the store.
I'm sure you'll fall in love with all the amazing clothes.

Oi Pessoal! Hoje vim mostrar pra vocês essa jaqueta super linda da loja Shein!
Ela tem detalhes que fazem toda a diferença e deixa o look muito estiloso.
Eu escolhi essa jaqueta pois amo jaquetas bomber. Mas a loja Shein e super completa e tem roupas incríveis e super atuais. Com certeza minha loja favorita. 
Vou deixar o link AQUI para que você possa visitar a loja e assim como eu, se apaixonar por todas as roupas incríveis. 

💕- SHEIN Varsity Striped Velvet Bomber Jacket - LINK 

No vídeo abaixo mostro a jaqueta e minha primeira Ipsy Bag 💋❤