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sábado, 14 de julho de 2018


Hi guys!
I know that many of you accompany me for the tips I share here. And today I came to talk about a super special store for me, that surely won my heart! 😍
I'm talking about the NOVASHE store.
In the NOVASHE shop you will find beautiful clothes for all styles.
And of course, I got some clothes and I came to show everything to you. 💓

Another thing that is super cool in the NOVASHE store and that always has super special discounts. Look below:

So, let's see all the clothes I got.

The first dress I chose was this beautiful, long, floral dress. Simply perfect! I loved the fabric, the print, the length, anyway, it's wonderful!

💓 You can find it HERE

I chose this dress because it was beautiful. His details enchanted me. Besides, the fabric is wonderful, the dress is well structured. Well done. Loved it!

💓 You can find it HERE

I chose this jacket bomber, super beautiful and comfortable! It has a thinner fabric, but is very well made. Besides the picture that is perfect!

💓 You can find it HERE

And finally, I chose that red dress that is also very beautiful.
I was in love with those details up my sleeve. Simply perfect!
💓 You can find it HERE

So this is my love I hope you have enjoyed it, and do not forget that in the NOVASHE store you will find hundreds of other models and styles of clothing. I'm sure you'll love it !!!

Xo, Karol 💋

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