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segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2018


Hi guys! Today I came to tell a super novelty for you. The Dresslily store is with super discounts!😍

In Dresslily you will find beautiful clothes and various styles with a great cost benefit. And also the delivery of the Dresslily and Free store to worldwide! Too much!

Below are the discounts that the Dresslily store offers for you:

I made a point of selecting some beautiful dresses that you find in the Dresslily store.
Also in Dresslily store, besides the beautiful dresses, you will find clothes for spring and summer, clothes for the other stations of the year, sweaters, shorts, skirts and much more!

So, when looking at Dresslily store, do not forget to see the other sectors that are also with incredible discounts.

The first model of dress that I selected for you, and a very elegant and beautiful dress! Perfect for many occasions. It sure is one of my favorite models.
🎀 You can find it HERE

This dress is perfect for many occasions and for the current season and also is super elegant and beautiful! My favorite dress and my favorite color. Loved it!
🎀 You can find it HERE

This next dress is a white dress with some floral details that makes it more beautiful and delicate. A love.
🎀 You can find it HERE

And finally, I selected this dress that is a luxury! With details that make it more elegant and beautiful. The floral print is wonderful. I love!
🎀 You can find it HERE

So my love, what did you think of the dresses I selected? Remembering that in Dresslily you will find many other dresses, of many models and styles that I am sure you will love!
Do not forget to see the other clothes and products that Dresslily offers. Enjoy the discounts and good shopping.

XoXo, Karol ðŸ’‹

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